Participants’ feedback


Subjective feedback from the students was generally positive. The workload was perceived as being adequate as per the level of the course and the students appreciated the unique seminar-style of the lectures and assignments. In particular, students seemed to enjoy having the opportunity to read and discuss scientific articles and conference papers; the general consensus among the students was that these scientific papers were more prestigious and thus more engaging than typical textbook material. On a related note, the course material overall (e.g. slides, readings, exam etc.) received the highest feedback marks for being unique and not overlapping with student’s other required courses. The students also indicated that they appreciated the simplicity of the course slides and the fact that the course objectives were explicit and uncomplicated. Lastly, the marking scheme, which divided points equally between student participation, presentations, and the final exam, was seen as being very fair and particularly effective for promoting a good learning experience, as the final exam was not over-weighted.

Overall, we can heartily recommend the approach utilized in this course for other variations of such courses in the future.

Raw feedback as tabulated by standardized Aalto student surveys can be downloaded here: aalto-course-fall-20120-raw-feedback.pdf