Course description


The content of the course was divided into two key areas: preliminary background, and FIA presentations and closing sessions.

The preliminary background accounted for 25% of the course content (i.e. 3 lectures) and sought to achieve four key tasks:

  1. Review the beginnings of the Internet and its evolution and attempt to understand how and why it evolved into its current form. Technology trends and evolving usage demands are of key importance.
  2. Examine the key problems which have resulted due to the mismatch between usage demands and the Internet’s increasingly ossified architecture.
  3. Review evolutionary solutions that have been proposed and enacted to resolve the Internet’s problems.
  4. Examine the end results of the aforementioned improvisations on the Internet’s functionality and usability.

The FIA presentations and closing sessions accounted for the remaining 75% of the course content (i.e. 9 lectures). The course was concluded with an architectural demonstration (Blackadder) and panel discussion.