Aalto course 2012



The course “Special Course in Future Internet” (4 ECTS cr) was offered at Aalto University (former Helsinki University of Technology) in autumn 2012 as T-110.6120 “Special Course in Data Communication Software” – a graduate-level special course with varying teachers, topics, and credit hours.

The course targeted both Ph.D. and Master’s students and consisted of lectures during a six-week period with double-lectures twice a week. Several researchers of the FP7 PURSUIT project (http://www.fp7-pursuit.eu) lectured on their areas of research.

Passing the course required:

  • Mandatory lecture attendance and active participation in discussions
  • Reading and annotating conference and journal papers
  • Presenting a selected FI architecture during a lecture session (~1 hr) and leading a subsequent question session and discussion (~1 hr)
  • Passing a final exam

Reading material was provided in the form of notable scientific publications covering the history of the Internet, its operational problems, evolutionary and revolutionary solutions etc. The students were expected to read and annotate these materials before each respective lecture.

The last lectures consisted of a demo session for the PURSUIT Blackadder platform, a short wrap-up of the course, and a rather lively panel discussion, where some of the lecturers discussed the challenges of the Internet together with the students.

All five students (representing five nationalities) passed the course with final marks of 4 out of 5 (Very Good) or higher. Student activity and the general level of discussion and independent critical thinking were high. The students considered the course interesting, appropriately demanding, and, as a whole, successful.

Below you will find a more detailed course description as well as the lectures and their related slides.

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Background (for unfamiliar readers)

Course description


Course format, credit breakdown, and assessment


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