Course Description


Information-Centric Networking, 6 ECTS
Autumn 2011-2012, 1.10.2011-13.1.2012
by Assistant Professor George Xylomenos
Weekly 3-hour meetings

Course Description

The goal of this course is to expose students to the problems of the current Internet architecture and introduce the concepts of Information-Centric Networks. This will take place by studying a set of research papers on the origins of the Internet, the issues it is facing today in various areas and the various approaches taken to rectify them in an Information-Centric manner. The course is designed to prepare students for research in the area of Information-Centric Networking.

The course consists of 3-hour meetings during the course of the autumn semester and is targeted to both advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The course is taught by Asst. Professor George Xylomenos.


There are no mandatory prerequisites for the course. However, the course is targeted to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and it requires understanding of advanced network topics, as well as at least a basic understanding of distributed systems and operating systems.

Course Material

Course material will be published on AUEB e-class:

  • Various journal articles and conference papers
  • Presentations prepared by the instructor or paper authors.

Passing the Course

Passing the course requires the following:

  • Active participation in the lectures (this requires skimming through the papers in advance)
  • Individual presentations of one of the papers in the program
  • Individual reviews of one of the areas covered summarizing current research
  • Written exam in an essay format (with access to the course materials)

The grade is determined as follows: 40% exams, 20% presentations, 40% reviews