AUEB course 2011-2012


The course “Information-Centric Networking” (6 ECTS credits) was offered at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Informatics, in autumn 2011-2012 as an elective for the B.Sc. in Informatics and the M.Sc. in Computer Science. The course was taught by Assistant Professor George Xylomenos.

The course targeted advanced undergraduate and graduate students and lasted for 13 weeks, with a 3 hour meeting every week. It was also attended on a non-credit basis by Ph.D. students either interested or working in Information-Centric Networking.

In each meeting, 3-4 papers were presented, either by the instructor or by one of the participating students. Each meeting covered one topic, starting from the basics of the Internet architecture, continuing with current issues with its evolution, then presenting different approaches to Information-Centric Networking and finally offering some critique on these approaches. Passing the course required active participation in the lectures given by the instructor, presenting one of the papers to the class, writing a summary of the research area covered in one of the meetings and finally a written exam in the form of some essays.

Reading material consisted exclusively of published papers by the authorities in each field, with a strong emphasis on recent material. Students were expected to at least skim through these papers before the respective meetings.

13 students participated in the course, 8 graduate and 5 undergraduate. Student activity and the general level of discussion in class was high.

Below you will find a more detailed course description as well as pointers to the reading materials (both to openly available and publisher maintained versions) and the presentations prepared by the instructor.

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Course Description

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