Each of the 12 lectures has the duration of 45 + 45 min. with a 15-minute break in between. The course can equally well be thought of as consisting of 24 lectures, 45 min. each. The presentation material is provided in both pdf and (if possible) editable format (ppt, pptx, odp).

1. Introduction (Arto Karila)

  • Practical arrangements and introduction to the course
  • Why the Internet only just works – problems with Internet
  • Introduction to information-centric networking
  • Publish/subscribe paradigm and its central concepts

Introduction (pdf)
Introduction (ppt)

2. The evolutionary approach and the clean-slate approach (Arto Karila)

  • The evolutionary approach. Example: CCN
  • The clean-slate approach, example: PSIRP/PURSUIT

Evolution vs Revolution (pdf)
Evolution vs Revolution (ppt)

  • Introduction to Pursuit Architecture based on slides by Dirk Trossen

Introduction to Pursuit Architecture (pdf)
Introduction to Pursuit Architecture (ppt)

3. PSIRP/Pursuit Architecture I (Mikko Särelä)

Pursuit Architecture 1 (pdf)
Pursuit Architecture 1 (pptx)

4. PSIRP/Pursuit Architecture II (Mikko Särelä, slides by Walter Wong)

Pursuit Architecture 2 (pdf)
Pursuit Architecture 2 (ppt)

5. Transport and Congestion Control (Pasi Sarolahti, Somaya Arianfar)

  • Transport (Pasi Sarolahti)

Transport (pdf)
Transport (pptx)

  • Congestion Contol (Somaya Arianfar)

Congestion Control (pdf)
Congestion Control (pptx)

6. API and Mobility (Dmitrij Lagutin)

API (pdf)
API (ppt)

Mobility (pdf)
Mobility (ppt)

7. zFilter-based Forwarding (Petri Jokela)

zFilter-based Forwarding (pdf)
zFilter-based Forwarding (pptx)

8. Security (Dmitrij Lagutin, Kari Visala)

Security part 1 (pdf)
Security part 1 (odp)

Security part 2 (pdf)
Security part 2 (ppt)

9. Inter-Domain Rendezvous and Routing (Kari Visala)

Inter-Domain Rendezvous and Routing (pdf)
Inter-Domain Rendezvous and Routing (odp)

10. Validation and Simulation (Kari Visala)

Validation and Simulation (pdf)
Validation and Simulation (odp)

11. Prototypes (Jimmy Kjällman)

Prototypes (pdf)
Prototypes (pptx)

12. Conclusions, Panel (Arto Karila and other lecturers, no slides)