Student Feedback


Anonymous student feedback was collected after the course. The students had widely different backgrounds. The number of credit hours and general difficulty of the course were generally considered to be on the right level – just one student expressed his view that the course was slightly too demanding and the credit hours slightly too few.

Lecture attendance was high, with one exception (with whom we had beforehand agreed on a way to compensate for the missed lectures).

The lectures were considered to be B+ (mainly B, some A).

Learning diaries and network discussion were considered A to B (evenly A and B).

Learning material was considered B+ (50% A, 33% B, 16% C).

Practical arrangements were considered B+.

Information was considered B+ (mainly A and B – but one C).

Utility of the course was considered A- (3.67).

Just one student considered the course to be significantly overlapping with other courses.

The students considered their own motivation high (all A except one B).

Teaching and the way course was run were both considered to be A to B (3.5).

The overall grade for the course was an A on the normal scale (1 to 4). This aspect was graded 1 to 5 (where 5 really is A+) and received an average of 4.33.