Academic Courses


By the end of 2011, the PURSUIT project had arranged three significant events of academic dissemination:

  • In August 2011, PURSUIT organised a one-week summer school in Cambridge, UK. All of the lectures and hands on practical sessions were captured on camera by project partner CTVC, and edited into videos which are available in the Summer School page.
  • During autumn semester 2011, Aalto University (Finland) arranged a graduate-level special course on pub/sub networking, using the PURSUIT architecture as a case with which to introduce the topic.
  • During autumn semester 2011 the Athens University of Economics and Business arranged a seminar-type course, where students read and presented research papers in the area of Information-Centric Networking (ICN).
  • In May 2012 AUEB organised, as part of the FP7 NoE Euro-NF, an intensive, week-long, Ph.D. Course in Information Centric Networking with its main focus on the PURSUIT technology, which was used for the hands-on section of the course.
  • During autumn semester 2012, Aalto University (Finland) arranged an updated graduate-level special course on future Internet architectures based on the previous courses. The course covered the Internet’s development history, operational problems, and evolutionary and revolutionary solutions. The PURSUIT architecture was one of five Future Internet Architectures that was presented during the course.
  • In the Winter quarter of 2013 Professor Polyzos (of AUEB) is teaching a graduate seminar on ICN, based broadly on PURSUIT results and especially the previous AUEB ICN course, at the Computer Science and Engineering department of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

The purpose of these pages is to help anybody interested in arranging a course on ICN or pub/sub. The courses, including lecture schedules, references to material, presentation slides, experiences gained etc., are made available to encourage universities and others to get engaged in teaching ICN to their students. With the help of the material available here, it should be relatively straight-forward to arrange a special course or seminar on the topic.

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As a project, we want as many people as possible to use these resources in their teaching. And we want to understand how the resources are being used. Your feedback and ideas are vital to this, as are the ideas and feedback of your students. If you use any of these resources, please tell us and the wider community about it by commenting on our Facebook page, Twitter feed (@fp7pursuit) or LinkedIn group.