Our Scenarios


There are many scenarios in which the development of a PURSUIT Internet would be beneficial, ranging from content distribution over improvements to the World Wide Web and collaborative value chains to sensor networks.

Within the work in our predecessor project PSIRP, we developed a set of specific examples that intends to highlight the benefits of an information-centric Internet in terms of (i) information access anywhere and anytime, (ii) security and safety, and (iii) policy-based handling of information. These examples are told as a story with the life of John and Mary, a couple experiencing this new Internet. The stories follow an outline of a vision for this new Internet that formed the basis for our early work. You can retrieve the original document here.

But we also developed the following video that highlights the aspect of security in information access. Its background is that of access to personal health information that we see potentially being gathered in many ways in the future. Enjoy the video!