Blackadder is PURSUIT’s new prototype implementation of an information-centric networking environment. It exports a pure publish/subscribe service model to applications, which allows for publish and subscribe operations in a DAG-based information model.


  • Supported on Linux (currently working on FreeBSB port)
  • User and kernel space implementation
  • Pub/sub API operating on information graph of labels
  • C++ library for developing applications and wrappers of this library for C, Java, Python and Ruby
  • Realizes core functions of rendezvous, topology management and forwarding
  • Implements 4 different dissemination strategies within the PURSUIT functional model
  • Runs over Ethernet or raw IP (therefore can run in native L2 networks, via openVPN overlay or directly in the Internet)
  • Open source code available
  • Uses the Click Router platform for ease of development

Code Availability

Blackadder is hosted on Github as an open source project. PURSUIT will merge its own developments into the main branch upon approval through the project. Anybody else can clone his or her own project and request merging into the main branch through Github.

You can download the source code as well as How-To and API documentation from Github here.

Feature Requests

In case you have any feature request, leave them on this page (comment-enabled)!