Funded by the Rank Foundation, CTVC is a major Television and Radio Independent Production Company, based in the UK and supplying programmes to broadcasters around the world. For over 25 years, CTVC as been producing acclaimed series and one-off documentaries for UK based and international broadcasters including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Al Jazeera English and National Geographic.

CTVC launched its new-media arm, TrueTube, in 2007. TrueTube is a new force which is driving young people’s positive use of the internet, unlocking a groundbreaking online exchange between youth from all backgrounds, cultures and religions both within the UK, and across the world. TrueTube gives young people a voice, breaking down the barriers to communication that exist for all age groups and maximising the internet as a platform for media enhanced education, responsible and thought provoking debate, and youth development.

Project members
Martin Long
Production and Commercial Director
Contact: martin (dot) long (a) ctvc.co.uk
Martin will support the economic and design work within PURSUIT
Stuart Porter
Business Development Manager
Contact: stuart (dot) porter (at) truetube.co.uk
Stuart will be working towards the economic design of the PURSUIT architecture and support the engagement work of the project.