Essex University


University of Essex (UESSEX) (UESSEX) is one of the United Kingdom’s premier universities, ranking amongst the top ten UK universities for the quality of its research in the recent national research assessment exercise (RAE 2008). The university enjoys excellent links with business, and its research is strongly aligned to industry needs. The PURSUIT project will be carried out within the Network Convergence Laboratory (NCL) in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE). The NCL specialises in the convergence of fixed wireline networks and various wireless mobile networks in addition to individual network technologies, together with the study of associated issues such as control & signalling, QoS, the impact of traffic profiles on network and node architectures, and the research of forward-looking networking technologies and architectures to best anticipate future telecommunications trends over the next decade.

Project members
Martin Reed
Contact: mjreed (a)
Martin is working within PURSUIT on multi-layer routing algorithms and topology management mechanisms for information-centric networks with a focus on optimized traffic engineering.
Kun Yang
Contact: kunyang (a)
Kun is working within PURSUIT on anycast/multicast routing algorithms in combination with in-network caching in the context of information-centric networks.
Dr. Vassilios Vassilakis
Post-doc researcher
Contact: vasilak (a)
Vassilios is working on multi-layer routing algorithms, topology management and caching mechanisms for information-centric networks with particular emphasis on modelling and performance analysis.
Miss Mays Al-Naday
PhD research student
Contact: mfhaln (a)
Mays’s focus is on the experimental aspects of multi-layer forwarding algorithms with particular interest in ICN over optical networks.