Thesis Ideas


PURSUIT is very active in pursuing a variety of interesting research ideas. However, our efforts are limited, which is frustrating since we believe that some of the ideas formulated during our work, but impossible to pursue, are worthwhile being looked at.

So with this page, we would like to share these ideas with the wider community. The ideas are formulated in packages similar to seminars, term study, master thesis, and possibly PhD thesis, although we leave the final packaging obviously to the one taking up the idea.

It is important to understand that we do not claim any copyright or intellectual property on these ideas. It is our contribution to the wider research in this area. However, we would obviously appreciate if you (who takes up an idea) would like to collaborate with us on its realization. It is not a must but an offer – please consider it. If you do want to get in touch with the contact for each idea, please drop us an email and quote the idea – the email will be forwarded accordingly.

List of Ideas

Wireshark validation tools for publish/subscribe internetworking

Design and implementation of wireshark modules to analyze and dissect PCAP traffic of the PSIRP implementation for evaluation purposes.

Level: Seminar, MSc

Contact: Janne Rihiijarvi (RWTH Aachen)

Load generation models for pure pub/sub environments

Investigate current traffic generation models and their applicability for pure pub/sub environments. In particular, investigate transactional and relational models that allow for modelling traffic within a larger context of an application based, e.g., on Petri Nets or social graphs.

Level: MSc

Contact: Dirk Trossen (Cambridge University)

Collaborative editing/working/sharing middleware over PURSUIT

Investigate and design a middleware that allows for collaboratively editing/working/sharing of content over a native PURSUIT API. Scenarios for such middleware are educational settings, an advanced YouTube type of service (with online editing and curating as well as real-time commenting) etc

Level: MSc

Contact: Dirk Trossen (Cambridge University)

Agent middleware for PURSUIT

Investigate the realization of an agent system over the PURSUIT graph abstractions provided at the network level. Starting points for this investigation are available platforms such as JADE. The expected result of this study would be a prototype implementation of an agent system over Blackadder, our current PURSUIT prototype.

Level: MSc

Contact: Dirk Trossen (Cambridge University)