Ericsson is a leading telecommunication networks manufacturer, which recently opened its Silicon Valley Campus in US. Ericsson Silicon Valley represents the fifth wave of innovation for the industry – the convergence of the Internet with Mobile Broadband. Ericsson’s new campus is driving research and development in broadband, mobility and IP – the key elements for taking the Internet mobile. Ericsson provides the viewpoint of a manufacturer, who is providing both fixed and mobile broadband network equipment. It brings in a top class industrial research team into the consortium, including Dr. Nikander who will be one of the key research scientists on the architecture level. Ericsson has a strong track record on applied research and proven capability in developing prototype reference implementations. Ericsson has also unique capability to support standardization of the new concepts, and has the most direct capability to exploit research results through new products and services.

Ericsson is participating in the activity through its Finnish subsidiary, Oy L M Ericsson Ab (LMF). LMF is active in standardization in 3GPP and IETF, as well as in implementing prototypes of future networking solutions, such as the publish-subscribe forwarding prototype developed in FP7 PSIRP project.

Project members
Pekka Nikander
Chief Scientist
Pekka (dot) Nikander (a)
Mikko Särelä
Research Scientist, M.Sc.
Mikko (dot) Sarela (a)
Network architecture, compensation, network security economics.
Petri Jokela
Petri (dot) Jokela (a)
leading the implementation efforts
Tony Jokikyyny
Tony (dot) Jokikyyny (a)
Jimmy Kjällman
jimmy (dot) kjallman (a)
Network attachment, prototype implementation.