Test Bed


PURSUIT provides a test bed as a place to meet, if you will. This test bed serves as an early testing ground for the implementation work but also for demonstration on application concepts. It is one of the engagement tools to work with external collaborators when it comes to experiments and alike. The test bed was initially established in the end phase of the PSIRP project.

Currently, we run our Blackadder prototype in a test bed between several European as well as US sites. Given that we run directly on top of Ethernet, the test bed is laid over IP through an openVPN setup. We have several dedicated machines with varying virtual machine setups, currently in the range of more than 25 (emulating 25 dedicated PURSUIT nodes). The picture below shows the resulting VM topology over openVPN.

VM Topology

This IP overlay structure can be configured in any kind of Ethernet topology in which our prototype can be tested. The picture shows an example topology from the viewpoint of Blackadder:

Example topology from a Blackadder perspective

Each of the nodes runs (currently in separate virtual machines) an instance of Blackadder (over Click). We are currently implementing various demonstration and testing applications, such as video streaming apps, performance tester, caching solutions and others.

If you have any questions regarding the test bed, would like to investigate joining our test bed or anything else related to this issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.