Blackhawk: A Publish/Subscribe Prototype for FreeBSD

The Blackhawk prototype features a pub/sub-based kernel-integrated blackboard for efficient node-internal communication between applications. Furthermore, it extends this information-centric communication model to the network and provides packet forwarding with zFilters.

Blackadder: A Publish/Subscribe Prototype for Linux & FreeBSD

The newly developedĀ Blackadder prototype features a pub/sub-based prototype of our functional model. It is currently available as a user-space implementation, which eases experimentation and development (a kernel implementation is to be available soon for improved performance). Blackadder implements various dissemination strategies, including link-local and domain-local (the latter based on zFilters). It implements a rich service model that allows for publishing and subscribing within a DAG-basedĀ informationĀ model.

Mailing List

We maintain an active mailing list where questions on features, bugs and general coding issues can be discussed. Join the code mailing list here

NetFPGA zFilter Forwarding Node

Implementation of an efficient zFilter-based packet switch for NetFPGA hardware.

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Packet Level Authentication (PLA) Library

PLA provides network infrastructure protection by employing per-packet cryptographic signatures.

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Relevant Material

Additional material can be found in the various PSIRP and PURSUIT project deliverables that are freely available.