Dec 012010

This year’s ReArch workshop featured a panel on content-centric research efforts with the attempt to identify commonalities and differences between the various approaches. Being in competition with a Dagstuhl seminar, it was seemingly difficult to get members of various project to attend. But the organisers still managed to get three project involved: PURSUIT and two recently granted NSF FIA (Future Internet Architecture) projects, namely the eXpressive Internet Architecture (XIA) and Nebula.

It was interesting to debate the various propositions and argue about possible differences. It seems that the XIA project is closest to PURSUIT. Its notion of content, service and host identifiers is somewhat different from the single information identifiers in PURSUIT. But given that RIds in PURSUIT can also point to mutable data (although our current node architecture implements immutable data objects only), it is not THAT different, really.

Apart from the direct discussions, a major outcome is the identification that possible collaborations in various areas might be beneficial. We will certainly look into these possible areas.

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