Sep 152010

A couple of weeks ago Jimmy and I started to integrate the Click Modular Router with the Blackhawk, the FreeBSD VM-based pub/sub system we developed in the PSIRP project. The basic idea of this work is that you will be able to build your own protocols, interfacing directly with Blackhawk from Click.  In Click, you will see Blackhawk as two new elements classes, Subscribe and Publish.

Every instance of the Subscribe element class will generate a Packet whenever there is a new version of the publication subscribed to. Conversely, whenever fed with a new Packet, an instance of the Publish element class will publish a new version of the document. The needed SIDs and RIDs are given as configuration parameters, as well as enough of information to determine e.g. what kind of objects the Publish element is publishing, i.e. if it is publishing pages, versions, or “normal” publications.

This is all very much work in progress. If you are interested in affecting what we are doing, I guess the best way is to e-mail me directly, as I don’t know if I get automatically notified about the comments etc on this blog post.  You see, I am an old fart who doesn’t really understand this “social website” thingy.


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