Apr 202012

Today, we published the Technical report TR12-001. In this report, we argue that there is a larger architectural and system design argumentation as to why ICN research is worthwhile pursuing. Its assertion is that ICN merely for improving content dissemination is not appealing enough. Instead, we create, in this report, a connection between the design of (information-centric) architectures and new findings in optimisation theory based development of systems and solutions. This report intends to stimulate the discussion as to why ICN research is useful and what is its architectural contribution. More is to follow…

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Mar 012012

Two PURSUIT partners, the Aalto University in Helsinki and the Athens University for Economics and Business, have offered pub/sub courses and seminars to their students as part of their curriculum. The course material of both of these courses is now available on our website! Please check them out on our pageĀ for the academic courses and provide feedback and comments.

The material is licensed under Creative Commons license, fostering its usage by the wider academic community. We also provide material on student feedback and lessons learned, which can prove useful for others thinking of providing a similar course.

If you have any questions, please do let us know since we are committed to spreading the PURSUIT story to the young generation of researchers!

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Jan 202012

Version 0.2 of the Blackadder prototype for information-centric networking has been released on GitHub. The improvements in this version include an updated API, better performance as well as more features and examples. Try it out!

Dec 122011

Our most recent architecture deliverable D2.3 is now available on our webpage (you can find it here)! Feel free to download and study our most recent update to the PURSUIT architecture and design choices that we have been working on.

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Jul 282011

Our prototype plan (D3.1) as well as our dissemination plan (D5.5) have been published in our Deliverables section! Please have a look at what we plan on the implementation side of things and what we achieved so far in disseminating our results.

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Jun 132011

At the end of August 2011, PURSUIT is going to organise a summer school on Information-centric Networking. The announcement for this event has gone live now and is available here.

We have an exciting list of speakers, defining an interesting Future Internet programme reaching from congestion control over core work in PURSUIT to a NetFPGA course. Early registration to the summer school is paying off with a reduced rate of just 100 Euro – although later registration is still possible (pending available places).

So hurry to sign up for the summer school!

Jun 062011

Within PURSUIT, we have completed our 1st architecture deliverable. It is available here. You can find there our functional model for the architecture, the major functions of the architecture and descriptions on our current work on caching, transport and other areas.

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A short film about PURSUIT

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Apr 152011

Check out our short film about PURSUIT and how you could experience some of the PURSUIT features in the future. The focus of this film is on the security (access control) and accountability aspect that is enabled by the information centrism that PURSUIT has.

Enjoy the video!

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Apr 152011

We have been working on going live with our PURSUIT test bed during these past few months. Our new prototype Blackadder is now deployed in a 25+ node setup over various European sites (all our partners contributed to the setup). And we also welcome MIT’s Advanced Network Architecture group to the pool of PURSUIT users!

In order to emulate a native Ethernet-based deployment, we lay the test bed over IP through an openVPN setup. Each node is implemented on a virtual machine running in various dedicated machines at each site. This gives us a growing opportunity for demonstrating and testing new developments within the PURSUIT project. A first demonstration is streaming high-quality video from a server at Cambridge University to anybody who subscribes in the network – all in native PURSUIT multicast fashion!

You can find more information about our test bed and the Blackadder prototype on our dedicated pages.

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