Aug 302011

A new community page has been set up in Facebook, for all those attending the Pursuit Summer School 2011, and for anyone else interested in ICN. This page is a great place to continue discussions which have been started in the lectures, and to showcase the advances made in the workshops.

Click here to get involved and join the group

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Feb 222011

Tailored content means any content which has been created with a specific purpose – be it to educate, inform, question or entertain. So, how will an information centric network (ICN) change the way in which users receive content via the internet, and how data moves across networks? The aim of this blog is to explore how these changes which will benefit businesses, and everyday users of the internet.

What does ICN mean for the way in which content is promoted or advertised?

In the current internet, marketing and advertising is difficult. At best it can be “targeted” using a fairly manual process, linking individuals in a database to adverts or email campaigns according to perceived interest levels. At worst a scattergun approach is used, much like offline advertising using posers and flyers. Facebook are trying to tackle this within their network, but what if users could set preferences which allow their viewing habits to be tracked according to the kinds of information they regularly search for and want to find? This implicit and specific data could open up many possibilities for all kinds of companies to develop new marketing strategies and business models. For example, if advertisements are targeted to users interests, they may cease to be a nuisance and could instead become useful revenue generators for viewers and hosts alike.

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