SDN Demonstration Videos

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Oct 152012

The SDN (Story Delivery Network) is a collaborative effort between the University of Cambridge and CTVC Ltd (both are partners of the FP7 Pursuit project) in which we are seeking to deliver media-based stories over a network. In order to demonstrate the efficacy of our approach, we have implemented a media-delivery application that pulls media from available network resources and stitches it together at the player.

Although we consider that this is an advanced method for media delivery, it is certainly not new (or unique). The emphasis of this work, however, is that by placing this delivery method within an Information-centric network (such as our own), much of the required implementation is handled (or at least enabled) natively by the network. We would suggest that it is always better to consider systems that provide the required functionality natively rather than seeking to retro-fit alternative systems (just because you can!).

We have produced three short videos to describe the operation of the SDN. The demo is in three parts;

Part 1: Intro to the SDN – changing the way we disseminate media.

Part 2: The search for media – how the SDN, enabled by the middleware, can be used to search for media.

Part 3: The delivery – pull media from the publishers and stitch together at the subscriber.

We hope you enjoy this quick introduction. Please get in touch if you have any comments or questions!